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2013 Skoda Yeti 103 TDI Review

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After 18 months owning my Yeti, it has proved to be a fantastic choice as a car that is a pleasure to drive, totally reliable and very frugal on fuel. The build quality is clearly first rate and it has not exhibited any reliability issues or missed a beat in any way.

The DSG transmission is very easy to use and living in a fairly hilly area, I use the manual selection quite a bit.

The Yeti is absolutely smooth on city roads and in the country it has ample power to overtake and to tow quite heavy loads. It does have a slight lag on initial acceleration but that is forgivable.

This car is also more than capable off road and it has visited quite challenging inclines and muddy tracks without missing a beat, whilst remembering that it is not a Landcruiser and needs to be driven within its limitations.

The rear cargo area is not large but the rear seats are easy to remove and create quite a large storage space if needed.

So far the Yeti has travelled nearly 40000km and it has two standard services for which the costs were as quoted.

In summary, this is a car which is a joy to drive and it is interesting to get very regular queries from total strangers about what it is like and how does it perform.

Based on my exoerience, I would have no hesitation in recommending the Skoda Yeti as a well built vehicle which delivers everything that its manufacturer claims it will do.