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2013 Skoda Octavia 90 TSI Special Edition Review

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Ok my wife and I purchased this car new with 22 klms on the clock,before we drove away from the showroom there was a problem with the sat nav (no voice) also commented about the transmission not responding correctly, in hindsite we should not have taken the car.

But being our first purchase of a brand new vehicle we were caught up in the moment also a piece of paper titled 'pre delivery inspection checklist' also referred to as (toilet tissue) signed by no less than three (in their opinion) reputable persons 1.service technician 2.service manager 3.detailer .we were told to take the car straight to their service dept. three weeks later brand new sat nav. from Germany, they tell me and I believe them because they are a reputable company.

They took the car for drive to check my concerns regarding the transmission not responding correctly (a slight delay between gear change and rolls backwards while sitting on a hill ) and I was told that this was normal for this type of new technology transmission and if I still had concerns to mention it when the car is first serviced which I did.

I was then told that the clutches ( of which there are two i'm told) had a build up of dust? and so they simply cleaned the dust? off and she'll be apples :-). na na sorry still no good and so return to service dept. and told yes there is a problem and they need to replace the cluches.

Meanwhile I happen to notice one rear break disc was corroded and pitted ,indicating that the break caliper was not engaging if it was the disc would be shiny like the others ( try to explain that to Ms KXXXX at vw Australia ,good luck with that one ,really needs training in customer relations that one) apparently if you live by the sea which I do corrosion is not covered by warranty so if you live by the sea I recommend not to purchase a skoda or vw .

Oh i'm told to mention features which I've come to love and hate hmmm still pondering that one :-) simply the best? yes well you live and learn, might go jap next time not happy kirstan or what ever your name is like I care as much as you do.