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2013 Skoda Octavia 110 TDI Elegance Review

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I own two Skodas One from 2011 and the new one from 2013 the old one having the 103 Tdi and the new one with the 110 tdi

Out of the two the earlier 103 tdi performance is far superior to the new one , despite the new car loosing weight and with auto start stop it is still not as efficient as the earlier version.

The handling of the earlier Octavia is also far superior .

I would just say the new one is good but the earlier one was much better.
The cars are very reliable. Servicing a Skoda under capped price servicing is about $400 but when you add consumables like air filters etc one could end up paying upto $700.

Another thing the sound system from Canton is not as good as the previous one.

So overall Skoda looks like cutting costs for itself .

The Diesel engine knocking noise is quite audible at idling in the new one while the older one didn't have any audible noise.

However on the positive I love the adaptive auto cruise control and the ability to adapt cruising speeds in relation to the car in front of you.

The finish is good the leather seats look nice but again not as comfortable as the earlier when you are doing long drives be prepared to get down the car with little sore and stiff back.

Overall I am satisfied with my both skodas really economical and safe cars. The new one is quite expensive to buy so do your homework well.