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2013 Proton Prevé GX Review

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Fixed price servicing at 15,000km intervals with a 5 year/175,000km warranty and a purchase price under $14,000 my GX CVT Prevé is affordable. With most components sourced from BOSCH such as timing belt, filters, discs, pads etc it is a mainstream vehicle. The CVT transmission is from Punch International who supply Holden commodore autos, and are likely to be Commodore's new owner.

The GX Prevé must be driven with it's poor power at low revs from standing starts at the forefront of the driver's mind. Below D (drive) is S (Sport) mode which boosts power by upping revs whenever a boost of speed is needed. Use S mode on hill starts and merging into high speed freeway traffic and you have a far superior car to similarly priced tinny hatchbacks. Headroom and legroom fore and aft is excellent and the boot has loads of space. Car seats are firm and comfortable but side bolsters could be more supportive. The cloth covering is as good as any other and the rear seats fold to create a cavernous cargo capacity. On the highway the car runs well. The engine is smooth, quite capable of overtaking from 100kph, and there is a background CVT whine which is not at all unpleasant. On hard acceleration the engine/cvt noise is harsh but it diminishes when the foot releases the pedal. Proton should have worked a bit harder at installing sound deadening but I have bought a roll of under-bonnet soundproofing to install when time permits.

Proton Preves are a much better car than professional reviewers state. There has developed among Aussie rev heads a cult of bagging Proton cars and it is not backed up by my personal experience. Many people love to hate but Malaysia still does something we have given up trying to do. Malaysia can design, and build, a decent looking car whereas we just gave up as a nation.