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2013 Nissan X-trail Tl Review

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My Big concern with this car is the temporary spare fitted by Nissan. I have been told by Nissan that this spare is perfectly capable of getting you back to town for a tyre repair but when questioned further about a trip to Comaroo Station 150 km N/w of Bourke i was told that this is definitely not recommended on the temporary spare.

We have gone form perfectly safe to not recommended in a matter of minutes.. The cost of replacing the useless spare runs to about $1000 with a tyre fitted .

My advice to prospective buyers is Overall a good car but make sure you negotiate a proper spare wheel before you sign on the dotted line. Avoid all cars with temporary spares space saver spares and inflator kits.

A flat tyre with one of these spares fitted will end up costing you big bucks and perhaps even leave you stranded.

The fuel economy is excellent returning 6.1-6.3 litres per hundred kilometers when the specifications state is gives an average of 7.2 When towing a caravan it gives me 8.7 litres per hundred kilometres.

I particularly like the fold down seats that give a large flat area to load large items. The rear opening door is excellent providing shelter when loading groceries in the rain.

I was surprised by the 4wd which far exceeded what I had expected, handling the off road capably I also like the Bluetooth allowing music to be played from your phone without the need for wires . Overall an excellent car let down by the cheap and nasty temporary spare