MG mg6 2013 magnette comfort
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2013 MG 6 Magnette Comfort review

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I love this car. It's great on fuel and drives beautifully on the open road with plenty of power when you want it. The worst part is it has the console and gearbox of the 2000 RAV4 – I used to own one.

I really can't fault the car. For what I paid it is a great car. The latest model of this shape must be a very good, fun, and economical option. It has a touch of VW since SAIC builds VW in China. It will be interesting to see how the 2018 model is when it lands here. What I have seen has been on YouTube. And to think in the short time it has been in the BTCC in the UK it's been doing very well.

I bought my car because I researched it after I first saw them and loved the look. I found the reviews were very good, and nothing really bad was posted. I drove my car from Brisbane to Newcastle one weekend, and I reckon I would get to Newcastle on a full tank averaging 6.5 litres per 100km. It was one of the smoothest and most effortless drives I've done. The car impressed me no end.

I still love driving my car. I find it fun and roomy, with no understeer or oversteer. You point the nose and it just turns. No real body roll.

It has a great-feeling leather steering wheel, heaps of room in the back, which is even bigger when you put the rear seats forward. The cruise control is easy and good to use on the open road, as you can dial your speed as you go. If you're not careful and don't keep an eye on the speedometer, you could find yourself going over the speed limit easily.

The engine noise into the cabin is very quiet, and you can hardly hear it going. When standing outside, you can hear that typical Morris engine sound, just like the Morris engines of old.

MG is owned by the Chinese, who are fast becoming very experienced carmakers. It is made in China and assembled in the UK, but then there are very few carmakers that build their cars in China these days, eg Chevrolet and Ford. The Chinese quality has turned around faster than the Koreans did with their cars.

In a nutshell: I'd buy another if I ever thought of trading my car in the future. I would recommend that people check it out before going to a bigger brand.

I love my MG.