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2013 Mercedes-Benz GL 350 BlueTEC Review

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I have had a GL 350for a month now. Bought it Demo with around 4,000 km. Great experience so far! Although it is gigantic, drives like a small car.

Safety is superb, space is outstanding from all perspective. Very well equipped. The distronic cruise control is superb. Fuel efficiency is great, better than smaller cars I had before. Smooth riding, silence, sound insulation, comfortable seats, versatility and electric drives on the third row of seats are very handy. Park assistance system is extremely efficient. Birds view camera is superb.

I also love the panoramic sun roofs, although the absence of a blind in the moon roof over the third row is appalling disrespect with the owner and doesn't match with the overall high quality of finishing and comfort. I have never felt so safe in a car before. Only minor things I don't like. It doesn't have keyless entry as standard feature, it doesn't move seats back to make easier to seat when opening the door, my "old" Pathfinder had both features on the Ti version. Price is a bit high and not having 5 year guarantee even as an option is not good at all.

I would like also to have it tested by Ncap although the ML is tested and satisfied my requirement of a five star rate.

I compared to the BMW X5 and if you are after a 7 seat model, forget about BMW and Range Rovers ( the last one having the most horrible dealers that I have ever seen)