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2013 Mercedes-Benz A45 Amg Review

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After 2 years ownership, I still feel the thrill of getting in and driving my A45. Almost as thrilling as my motorbike. On the track, it is safe as well as thrilling, with many more powerful and fancied sports cars being left behind. And on a wet track, multiply that many fold, with faster porsche and Ferraris being humbled into fear and submission by their owners. It is fab in the wet and I almost prefer wet track days now.

As a daily, it can be docile and compliant in comfort mode. S mode doubles the fun factor and almost no need for M manual (which is more for purists). It was bought as a daily with occasional trackday use, and it has proven to live up to that even more than I'd hoped.

Fuel economy is nowhere 6.9l/100km, more like 10 commuting although you can get briefly below 6 at constant speed if you try.
Think more like 25 at the track haha.

Mercedes service (free, corporate plan) has been exemplary. The only issues being 2 coil packs, drivers seat leather stretching and a turbo replacement - all free of charge, and loan cars supplied.