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2013 Lexus IS300h F Sport Hybrid Review

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Lexus loaned me this car in F Sport guise while my 2010 Lexus IS250 was being serviced. I was disappointed to get it. Wanted an IS 350. I was astonished at what a nice car it was to drive around Canberra and on open sections of road.

Had driven hybrids before and did not give them any real consideration. BUT this one was very quiet handled well and the f sport option was just fine in terms of handling/ride compromise…thought it would be hard and sporty but it was very compliant and the turn in and general handling was impressive. (by the way my other car a Toyota 86 GT with some mods..I know what handling and good composure is all about)

In fact when the four kicks in it is very subdued and noticeably quieter than my very refined IS250 V6. The interior was outstanding with the FS option….the BMW feels bland by comparison.

Changed my view of hybrids completely.

A few little hybrid niggles..very slight hesitation on occasions, the not a fan of CVT but it was was much better than I thought, really just a matter of becoming accustomed to.

No power house but very good initial zip around town and deceptively quick elsewhere….it does everything in such a composed manner I found myself regularly over the limit.

I don't do burn outs so again hardly a real problem in our speed limited world. I never thought I would say it, but in a couple of years a low KM IS300h might just fill my driveway. Of course the next one will be something again….progress!