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2013 Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0 Tdv6 Review

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Second Disco bought from new so a fan. Love the space, ride handling and awesome off-road ability. New 8 speed gearbox is super smooth just cannot feel the changes. Really quiet on the road even with more aggressive AT tyres and all the bells and whistles fitted that add drag and wind noise.

Not a slippery car to start but still really quiet even with all the bits added. Only gripe is the standard wheel size offered of 19" as this severely limits off road tyre choice.

Admittedly 90% of owners won't go serious off-roading on a regular basis and when they do then the car traction control and multiple 4x4 settings will off set the road tyres as has been proven many times.

If your a 4x4 fanatic then the Compomotive 18" off-road alloys are available but with a wheel and tyre package ( 5 rims and tyres) setting you back close to 4 K it's not cheap. The terrain response is like 4wd for dummies you just can't go wrong. Just select the type of terrain your driving over and the computer sets the car up its that easy.

Nice feature is being able to go between hi and Lo range with out stopping. The Hill Descent Control is absolutely brilliant and has made some really hairy wet and slippery descents a walk in the park although that first use relies on a high level of trust on the drivers behalf not to cover the brake.

In my opinion there is nothing comes close to this vehicle for ride, handling and off-road ability and still retain a complete luxury feel.