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2013 Kia Grand Carnival Review

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Very impressed with the Grand Carnival. Having the base model we were not disappointed. The features available for the price are great.

We have 3 small children all still in car seats so room was a big key selling point for us.

Currently we have the 3 car seats across the second row with the last row folded down. With this set up we have a very large space in the back for prams and the other items needed for 3 small children.

Comfort in the front is also great. Fuel is a slight downfall but not too bad costing about $100 a week and gets me just over 500km.

Safety features galore which is also a high selling point for us. It drives very well and comfortable and not like a bus. The Kia Grand Carnival looks good too, unlike other people movers out that look very bus like, the Grand Carnival has a very sleek and stylish design.

With the car fully loaded it still drives well and the V6 engine has a lot of power behind it. With the room, comfort and style this car is a winner in our books. The beauty of the Kia Grand Carnival is it will grow with our family.

The warranty on the Kia Grand Carnival is amazing and was basically too good to not take. With a 5 year unlimited km warranty we feel we are covered very well. Servicing it hasn't been expensive and parts seem to be readily available and not over priced.