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2013 Kia Cerato Koup Turbo Review

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I've had my Koup turbo auto for 10 months now. I drive it quite hard and it seems to like it. The engine has diesel like low rev torque so it doesn't need a lot of encouragement to get going. I drove the great ocean road and otto ways as fast as I dared and found it to have great balance - not under or over steering under brakes or throttle.

At 80Kph on 35Kph corners it doesn't squeal and I'm not tempted to try faster, but I reckon it might do it at 100. So ticks for performance and handling. It looks great and has all the tech gizmos and safety. The mean-eyes driving lights are a hoot. A bit thirstier than they say - I get 9L/100km - not 8, but I don't skimp.

Lots of room in the car for all 5 passengers and the boot takes my golf clubs, buggy and other stuff. Its not the biggest boot though - due to a very large full size spare and tool compartment! My only complaint is the ergonomics.

The steering wheel at its lowest and most extended setting is still too upright and short for my liking. The long doors are heavy and the seating is a long way forward so its a squeeze to get in and out, holding onto a big door to avoid it bumping into the car or wall next door. Interior has everything you need, but not the prettiest.

I decided to buy it due to its performance and value, plus full size spare... but I can't help but look at GTIs or BMW 1's and think a second hand one of those would be more my thing….but the kia Demo was 25K with 1.9% finance - So for $106 per week I have a car that goes like a GTI, with 4 years of warranty, great reliability reputation only 2,200 on the clock was irresistible…..so I'll try a golf or a 1 (or 2) when this one is worn out.