Kia Cerato 2013 koup turbo
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2013 Kia Cerato Koup Turbo review

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I bought my used 2014 Kia Cerato Koup Turbo auto about three months ago. It's my first car and I have enjoyed owning it very much so far.

While doing research and coming up with a shortlist, I had rivals such as the Mazda SP25, Polo GTI and Veloster Turbo in mind. However, I decided against them as they each had more personal gripes than the Koup Turbo, which also had very low kilometres, the 'Touring' option pack and remaining factory warranty to boot.

My car is in the Racing Red colour, and looks are subjective, but I prefer looking at the rear of the car more than the front. The dual exhausts and diffuser design give off a subtle but definite sporty vibe, and the LED lights also look awesome at night.

Driving it is an absolute joy. The engine has a great sense of urgency, and it handles very well in the corners for a front-driver.

One negative in the driving department is the rear torsion beam suspension, which is quite apparent on Australia's poor roads, making the cabin crash around a bit if not creeping over road imperfections with care. If it were fitted with a multi-link set-up, I believe it would have improved the comfort and handling an appreciable amount.

As a city daily driver, which is what I mainly use it for, it is easy to live with. Good-quality materials are used throughout the cabin, and even the back seats are quite usable, comfortably seating four or even five in a pinch. There are even rear air vents! In a coupe!

In the front, the seats are supportive and relatively well bolstered. As mentioned, my car has the Touring pack, which is the only optional pack available for it. This provides a 7.0-inch touchscreen with nav’ and DVD player, along with dual climate-control air-con and full leather seats.

The big screen and reversing camera make parking a cinch, even for crappy parkers like myself. Little quality-of-life features like mirrors with puddle lights, which automatically unfold as you approach the car, give it a classy and welcoming feel.

The engine and transmission are paired quite nicely, with the option to manually make pretty quick shifts using the paddles, which means overtaking and highway merging are non-issues. The auto is also a traditional torque converter type, making it pretty bulletproof, and allows you to creep indefinitely without worry in slow-moving traffic.

However, fuel economy suffers as a result. I get low-mid 10L/100km in city driving. Luckily, the car takes 91RON, which somewhat alleviates the cost of filling up.

My car only has about 34,000km, so I can't comment definitively on reliability so far, but I did some research before buying and couldn't find any known major issues the Hyundai-Kia 1.6T engines could have. However, I have brought my car to my local Kia for two fixes under warranty.

The first was a faulty head unit causing a high-pitched buzzing sound on all sources. That is still on order to be replaced. The second was the oil pan gasket needed to be resealed as it was seeping oil slightly. The service department handled it well, so no complaints there.

All in all, I am overwhelmingly enjoying my Kia Cerato Koup Turbo and have no regrets. From the time I got gutter rash on my rims the second week owning it – and then finding out my car had a full-sized spare to replace it with (Yay!) – to watching a movie in my car with a mate and seeing the hilarious reactions of confused passers-by, this car has ticked a big majority of my boxes and then some!

PS: To Melissa if you're reading, can you point me in the direction of the Kia enthusiasts' crew? I love cars and would love to join the group.