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2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Review

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited is the best looking SUV on the road I love ours in granite. Also the space inside of the car is amazing and the kids fit in perfectly.

The heated seats in the back come in handy sometimes for them and in the front for me and my partner. I know most people will stress about the fuel economy but I go down to my beach house in Portsea a lot and I've gotten the car to run at 9.5 - 10l per 100km witch I think is amazing for a 3.6 engine powering a car this size.

Also the servicing worried me at first but it isn't the bad when you have a Jeep. And the foot brake most people hate but that's another thing you get used to and now its just second nature. Also the CD thing in the centre console isn't to bad after all I still fit my wallet, phone and all my gate things in it.

So the Jeep in my mind is a no brainer for its price it is great value for money and the size is perfect for long trips and the fuel is fine after all. And best of all the looks are the best on the road so you will never get sick of looking at it.

If you want a new car look no further than the Jeep Grand Cherokee limited with petrel it will save you a few thousand.