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2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Jet Review

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Beautiful and stylish vehicle to look at both inside and out with the blacked out grill and wheels, and luxury leather interior. Despite being a 2012 model it really hasn't aged or dated at all and I still get people thinking it's a brand new car.

Interior space and comfort is great and the heated seats are a god send on a cold winters morning or after a winter surf. Reverse camera is awesome and I think a necessity in a vehicle of this size with restricted rear view.

I love the space you have in the back with the seats down. I thought I would get roof racks for my surfboard but haven't needed them due to it being so easy just to put the seats down and throw the board in the back. Back seat passengers always comment on the amount of leg room they have, so no complaints there.

It's a versatile all rounder that performs well on road during the week and has the off road capabilities for weekends away off the beaten track. I've taken it to the sand dunes in some really soft sand and despite it's good looking city appearance it held up well. It has plenty of power and a nice pick up when you put your foot down. With a few tweaks to the bass and treble levels the stereo is amazing and has plenty of bass while still being crisp and clear.

Apart from servicing and fuel costs being slightly on the expensive side I can't really fault the car.