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2013 Holden Volt Hybrid Review

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I've owned my Volt for the past 7 months and have only been to the petrol station twice !!!

It drives fantastic and is saving me a fortune in fuel. I was spending $800 a month running 2 cars, now our main car is a Volt and our second car is a Prius.

The Volt is incredibly smooth to drive and has great acceleration with low down torque. In Sports mode it is quite quick. I love the way that I can choose whether I want to use the petrol engine or just use the battery. Greater range is achieved by using the petrol generator going up large hills and coasting down hills in "L" to generate more regenerative braking.

I did not buy this car for environmental reasons, although, with solar panels and green energy it really is a 'Green' car. I bought it because I wanted an electric car and liken it to driving an iPod.
Sitting at traffic lights with the vibrations of other cars now seems odd to me.

GM finally made a great car. It's just a shame that they crushed all of those wonderful all electric EV1's. Shame on you GM!

We couldn't be happier with both of our cars.
It's such a shame that GM isn't making a RHD version of the new Volt. I think I'll keep mine wrapped up as a collectors item and buy a Mitsubishi PHEV when it's time to upgrade, that is unless GM change their mind and do a RHD version :)