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2013 Holden Cruze Review

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Here is why the 2013 Holden Cruze SRi is the car to choose, with its 1.4 Litre turbocharged engine, the Cruze offers some competition to hot hatchbacks like the Ford Focus and VW Golf, providing performance and handling that rivals some of the best.

Lets first address the buyers key stand points, pricing stands competitively with the top spec model costing less than $29,000 and the more affordable CD model around $22,500. With leather trim, part leather upholstery, touch screen with bluetooth connectivity and reversing sensor the Cruze covers most necessities. The engine is economical and can average as low as 5.1L/100km in urban and suburban areas and stretches out to 7.3L/100km at highway speeds, this however does not affect the performance, the GM engine and components allow for relatively cheap fixed price servicing through Holden, wearable parts such as brakes, tyres and spark plugs lasting longer than older models even with exacerbated use.

This is one of the more robust hatchbacks on the market providing reliability even when facing arduous conditions, with the new Delta II chassis, stiffer front dampeners and twist beam rear suspension provide the Cruze with less body roll, that translates into better handling and a more secure feeling ride on the road. Its new and improved traction control system and ABS creates a forgiving vehicle, having tested this vehicle at its raw edge it provides a gripping front end that lessens the amount of understeering from the front wheel drive. The electro-mechanical steering is responsive to input but lacks the feedback of a pure mechanical steering system, this causes it to become quite light when accelerating and at speeds above 140km/h. The gearing in the automatic has its ups and downs, the manual select gearing like many others feels as though it is sent by snail mail and when requiring responsiveness on the road the turbo is sluggish above 30km/h. However if the engine revs are picked up at the lights the engine can provide a quick response allowing faster take off as well as a satisfying sound.

The interior seems a little cheap, with many plain plastic components. The driver and entertainment systems are well laid out and allow easy control, the climate control allows the driver and passenger good flow. However the rear passengers rely on the forward vents on air with no vents in the rear, this can make for a sticky ride in the rear during a hot Australian summer. There is plenty of storage from front to back, with multiple compartments in the front with door pockets, centre console, large glove box, dash-top compartment as well as a small container near the drivers right leg for keys and phone. The boot is spacious with rear seat that fold close to flat when the head rests are removed, there is a sneaky hidden storage area around the spare tyre which can carry many items away from prying eyes. The bluetooth system is not without its flaws, but does have a voice activated system that actually works most of the time and can control your phone or multimedia device through the usb system as well. Even though it is a small car it feel spacious with plenty of leg room, and rear seating allowing for taller people, the rear shared arm rest also has cup holders and can act as a great divider for the rear passengers.

Over all the 2013 Holden Cruze SRi Hatchback is a great allrounder small car, its new and improved workings gives a fun feeling car that can take you almost anywhere. The economical engine means that it can reach upwards of 850kms on a single tank, but can be drained if you are more of a lead footed driver. holden has finally created a vehicle that can compete with the other sporty hatchbacks like the Mazda 3, Ford Focus and VW Golf, but still has a ways to come in order to overtake them as the top hatchback on the market.