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2013 Ford Territory TS (4x4) Review

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We have owned most of the popular 4x4's over the years, but after driving the Territory I was sold. Ours is a 2013 TS model, as we were not keen on another vehicle with leather (as available on the range-topping Titanium model).

I tow a Euro caravan that is about the size of a 26 foot Jayco, but it is much lighter than a Jayco (2100kg). The Territory tows it so easily that you can almost forget it's on the back.

The brakes are progressive but will stop you well in an emergency. The engine is smooth, and you gain nothing if you put the boot up her. I have obtained a modified chip for the car but it is not yet installed due to warranty issues.

This car can easily out handle most others in the class, and a Kluger would be peeling its tyres off the rims trying to keep up.

I know it's not a hardcore off-roader but for what we do, it's just the best being - so quiet with the kilometres sliding by with out making you feel tired.

We have had a great run with the Territory and have found servicing costs are not too bad either.

This car will take the whole family and all of their gear without anyone complaining about the lack of space in the cabin area.

I have only one complaint, and that is that the rear tailgate glass surround is rubbing the paint off on the lower tailgate area.

My wife and I will certainly miss the car when it inevitably goes, but have contemplated buying the last series. What are our businesses going to replace their Territories with now that Ford are no longer making these? It's a sad day indeed.