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2013 Ford Fiesta St Review

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The Ford Fiesta ST Ecoboost is a great Econo-Performance car. Fuel consumption is fantastic even while hitting the right pedal hard. Handling is great through the tight bends of any country road.

The ST will sit happily at 110 in 6th gear on the freeway, tackling even the biggest of hills with ease in top gear with its abundance of torque on tap that kicks in around 2000 rpm's. The engine is quiet and smooth. Redline being (6500) rpm's, which seems to come up too fast in first and second gear.

This is probably because it does accelerate quite fast. The Recaro seats hug you tightly in position and are very comfortable, but it can be hard to get out of the car, as you would expect with a race style seat. The suspension, though race bred and firm, is comfortable, but can be very noisy on bumpy roads, with the front struts banging loudly when hitting potholes. The Bridgestone tyres hang on like glue, but are very short lived being as soft as they are.

Lasting around 5000-8000 kms. Brakes are fantastic, and stop fast with very little effort. The downside is black dust constantly covering the front wheels. Gear changes are fast, but can be hindered by the large centre console hitting your elbow.

Overall The Ford Fiesta ST is a fun and fast car, with every bell and whistle you could wish for. The (FiST) is a great, punchy, modern sports car, with the fuel bill of a micro hatch.