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2013 Ford Fiesta Cl Review

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Being a car guy being both a Ford and Holden fan, I bought the 2013 CL Fiesta based on reviews and specs. I wanted a light car to drive the 120km a day to work after my AU3 XR8 was using too much fuel.

So I got the best price I could and the colour I wanted (Black). I loved it for the first few weeks but then as I got more used to it I found it weaknesses. Fuel Economy on my freeway trip was not much better than my wifes 2001 VX Commodore wagon at 7.5l/100km and it needed premium so no saving there.

Then there was the performance that left a lot to be desired, maybe it was the fact I stepped out of an XR8 into this but when a stock 2010 Focus can flog me at any speed, I was a bit disappointed.

Then there was the traction control or "fun police" that could not be turned off and when you got a bit spirited and got the tail out on lift off over steer, the fun police cut power and applied the front brakes to stop you dead :(. I did test drive other cars in the price range and the Fiesta was clearly better but it wasn't for me and now I drive a 2003 FPV GT.

I would recommend a Fiesta over any other car in the light car segment if that's what type of car you want, however if I went down this path again I would spend a bit more and get the ST version.