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2013 BMW 3 Series 28i Luxury Line Review

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Never owned BMW before. Owned Mercedes, Audi (2) and Infinity. Enjojoed all 3. But with BMW, I cant wait for lease to end. Engine is responsive. Brakes excellent. Looks great. After that, this car just has flaw after flaw.

Its like they just sat back and didnt think things through. I will list them to save time.

Poor ride on anything other than smooth roads. Every bump seems magnified. Like im in a truck.
GPS system poorly designed. If you are looking for Route 25, you better understand that you will need to abbreviate with RTE! The writing is so small and contrast is poor.

No way to change sound settings. When you use GPS you no longer have the temperature showing, unless you manually select it.

Rear view camera if you are on the phone goes off.

Limited storage space.

Central locking system poorly designed with no locking buttons for rear passengers. It's potentially dangerous.

No alarm system. No panic buttons on keyfab Camera system lens in bad spot as it constantly gets dirt.

To shut off engine must press button 2 times. Unlocking trunk button in wrong spot.

The list goes unfortunately on. I hope that BMW cares and corrects these features on newer models.

I do like the heated steering wheel but on off switch in harder to reach space then needed.

Temperature setting for driver and passenger is not have syncing feature. Fan noise can be excessive at times even at low settings.

In summary, this car does not rise to what a true Luxury car is expected to offer.