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2013 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quad Verde Review

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I did what they said on top gear quote "you are not a car person unless you have owned and alfa". Was looking to buy Focus ST but hated the wheels. The QV came with everything I needed and looked better.

Your long term test is spot on could have included hard to drive wearing boots have to take them off driving to work. But so what goes like stink, looks great, 4 doors reasonable rear space in back yes my kids have left home oh joy.

Best car I have ever owned and nothing broken yet oh sorry battery replaced under warranty. Did I say I loved the car. Nothing like a trip to Montville in Qld twisting roads what a great day out driving the QV.

I am worried about servicing but will have to get over it. Mate bought new Audi nice car but not an Alfa QV. Thanks for the chance to brag about my car. Am worried about stone chips on the large frontal painted area but looking at a stick on plastic film I have seen about.

Have found the seating very comfortable even for wife with her bad back and the ride is not as rough as I thought it might be for a sports model. Have become a bit lazy and have left the setting in normal mode find the steering easier around town.

One gripe when take back to dealer have found the vehicle surges under partial load in 3rd gear in normal load going up a rise. Think it something to do with the air flow sensor but not sure. Like most of those thing the problem comes and goes. Did I mention I love my car sorry yes i did.