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Earlier this year I made the decision to part with my MY08 WRX. The first thing on my list was something with some modern technology which was sadly lacking in the WRX.

I had almost signed up for a BMW 118i when I heard the Scirocco R had been released and I just had to go and have a look.

It was love at first sight. I walked into the showroom, saw one in Viper Green and took delivery a few weeks later.

It's not only faster and better handling than the WRX, it also looks better and has better build quality and loads more technology.

The DSG transmission's changes are smooth and quick, and having the option to use paddles or the gear lever to shift gears is also a plus. The sports mode and gear change ‘farts’ are additional fun.

With technology that includes Bluetooth connectivity, auto wipers and lights, tyre pressure sensors, and a touchscreen media centre, the Scirocco is priced well – a Golf GTI optioned to the same spec would be about the same cost but without the extra power.

It's also rare – I've only spotted four in Canberra in three months.

What I don’t like is the lack of height adjustment on the front seatbelts, high servicing costs and the combination of having to use 98RON fuel with not so fantastic fuel economy, but hey, it's a sports car after all.