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2012 Volkswagen Polo 7 Tsi Comfortline Review

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I've had my 1.2 litre 77TSI DSG for almost 3 years and have done 65000kms so far. Economy is unbelievable, and I do a lot of driving. Usually well below 5l/100km average for me.

Build quality is exceptional and has a real luxury feel to the interior with high quality chrome finishes, love the quality sporty grey jacquard type fabric seats.. Very solid metal exterior, very strong build, it feels very safe to drive and very grippy on the road. Not your standard tinny small car at all!

Handling- zippy little turbo, full of punch, has so much power for such a little car. It zips up hills at ease with the air con on high no problems, I've had much larger engines do much much less.

The polo is the quiet achiever in its class and vastly underrated, hence why it was voted best world car...
This is by far the best car I have owned.

My polo has always been 100% reliable- has never failed me. Very smooth drive.

Servicing- kind of capped price. Was a bit worried when I first bought it being european, but servicing is only once a year and very reasonable, like any other small car. Dealer is very helpful and accommodating.

My friends love my little car (bit envious methinks). It is so easy to drive and can get into the tightest of parks, perfect for anyone who loves to get out and about. It has a very stylish front end.

Features which sold it for me were the built in bluetooth- the touch screen adaption is different but kinda cool, easy to use, mine even reads text messages to me on one of my phones.

This car is perfect for anyone who wants the functionality and economy of a small car without sacrificing quality and power. Not made for grandma ;)