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2012 Volkswagen Golf R Review

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I have loved every single day of ownership of my 2013 GOLF R in Rising blue.

Being in Real Estate I average between 400-500kms a week so I am impressed with complete urban driving to average between 9.8L and 10.5L to the 100km, mind you I do have a soft foot.

The gearbox and engine work well together and the ratio's are well spaced however 6th gear is a tad short for highway cruising I find. Stop Start traffic can sometimes be a little jerky with the DSG swapping between 1st and 2nd gear this being said 90% of the time it is a utter GEM and very adaptive to your driving style.

The 2.0L turbo is both flexible and happy to be taken through till redline, it has great torque from about 2200rpm upwards and revs freely and easily with no shuttering or vibrations.

Interior quality is typical VW with lovely leather seats and beautiful little touches throughout the cabin. Some very minor creeks and squeaks do enter the cabin however this is a rarity.

I am very fussy when it comes to paint quality and finish and I find that the VAG group really well in this department The colour of my car is Rising Blue being rich in colour. The paint is very hard and with the right paint protection is beautiful in the light.

Would recommend this car especially for the money, if you are after something with enough performance to scare a WRX or EVO and still be a comfortable daily commuter that is a quality item look no further.