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2012 Volkswagen Amarok TDI400 Review

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What a disappointing vehicle the Amarok has been - it has been plagued with warranty issues from day one. VW has not dealt with these issues in a timely manner and it would appear we are not the only customers who have experienced this.

The Amarok is gutless and totally unreliable compared to the Landcruiser.

In fact - it is far inferior to the Landcruiser in regards to value for money. Sadly, the reviews from reputable 4WD magazines encouraged us to try the Amarok. Mmmmmm - I really do wonder about these reviews now and I totally question the integrity of those involved in the reviews.

The after sales service from VW was very poor. There has been long delays for replacement parts and repairs.

I really question why this review needs to be 250 words in length.

I will never recommend or buy another Amarok

You've got your 250 words but the Amarok could be described in just one...........Crap!