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The new 2012 model gets 10 way driver power seats, leather throughout, rear view camera, new 4.3" USB media center, rear air-con vents, full size alloy spare, all for $500 cheaper.

It's $6000 cheaper than the premium, that only gets a 8" GPS system/media center, small sunroof (compared to the panoramic size of my traded 2009 wagon), and powered passenger seat.

Traded in my 2009 Premium wagon as soon as I heard.
Love that car. Fits like a glove. Super comfort (even on 45 profile tyres), super handling, great power, not one problem in 3 years, other than doggy original battery that was replaced in first month of ownership. However, too small for business purposes. Needed just a bit more room.

The 2012 has room to spare. Several inches bigger everywhere. Nearly the same size as my previous Commodore wagon.

Also a step up in quality feel, though I found the quality of my 2009 model to be great. (Better than the leather work in some of the new BMWs I recently looked at. They had puckered leather where the stitching was on the steering wheel.)

Seat backs seem more supportive. The only problem is the standard tyres. The Yokohama AVAN A10 give an OK ride and handling, but are very noisy. Traded them in immediately for TOYO TEO Plus.

Overall, the 2012 model is great value for money, never a Subaru strong point in the past. Compare it to spending $10,000 extra for a less specced VW Passant (diesel however), and it is great value.