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2012 Skoda Octavia 118 TSI Review

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This has been a great car. It was a pretty reasonable cost to buy, I've had no issues at all in the 3 years I've owned it apart from a DSG upgrade.

It's really pragmatic motoring. The engine performs brilliantly. Most people who drive it are surprised by the handling, performance and the quiet ride.

The head unit is brilliant and works really well.

The DSG has worked flawlessly.

The dealer network is limited. The Skoda dealer near me closed and the only other one near was across the bridge. I've been using a local mechanic instead but had to travel for the recall.

If you go to the country you can struggle to find premium petrol in some towns because not all stations in the bush have it and that has been a problem in country Victoria.

The car uses oil. I found that unusual because I've never had that issue before. VW say up to 1 liter per 1000kms is satisfactory. Ive not had anywhere near that but I have a habit on carrying a bottle in the car. That brings me to the oil and the coolant. Don't expect to find the oil and coolant you need at any service station or retailer. It's quite difficult to find and you may in some circumstances have to go to a dealership.

There is a minor downside - I had a minor bingle that involved a small detour to a panel beater. The parts they needed took a while to arrive.

All up would I buy another? Yes for sure. I have kept the car longer than any other car I've owned.