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2012 Renault Fluence Dynamique Review

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My experience with this car is pretty much good. I have until now had no issue at all with it. I would like to prefer it could have better fuel economy because I drive this car # city and I just got 13.8L/100km.

The drive experience is very good - very comfortable and with the correct tires is very safe on curves. The suspension is a little bit soft for the car. The inner space is more than perfect for the type of car, I can move the frontal seats in every way and the back seats would have enough space for passngers (I'm 1.78 m so you can imagine).

Pretty quiet and very strong even when it is completely full. The Standard version gives you a good sport experience and the 6-speed transmision gives enough force to drive at 120 km/h without any effort. I would like to see more features for a Fluence in the market. But I'm not regretting having chosen a Renault Fluence instead of a VW Jetta or a Toyota Corolla.

The Renault service has been a good experience. They have very competitive prices. The time-response is good, and they give you the car the time they promised. It has a good looking design. On the streets it has stole more than one glance over. I would like to see more elegance inside the car, it looks pretty much simple compared with a Holden Cruze. Other than that I have no complaints whatsoever.

100% Recommended!!!