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2012 Peugeot 508 GT Luxury HDi Review

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In June 2014 I bought my first 508 2.0L HDi Allure Auto with 164hp.

It was just 2 years old. I didn't know at that time but it was an ex-rental car. I enjoyed everything about that car although the extras were limited. Ex-rental was no detriment It was quiet, gear changes went un-noticed, comfortable, easy to drive, quick , economical and above all for me, a superbly good looking car.

Then I had the urge to upgrade (These urges are frequent! This upgrade is my 38th car in54 years!)
I have had the good fortune to buy a 2.2L HDi GT Auto with 204hp.

This one has almost all the extras and the majority of them I find very beneficial. It is all that my first 508 was and more, very quick acceleration! Consequently less economical, but I don't care, I am enjoying it.

My only niggle is that it is running on Continental Sport tyres which generate a few indeterminate rattles at times and excessive road noise.

The 2.2L engine has a longer stroke, so therefore sounds different, on the few occasions it is heard and although the gearbox has the manual shift option, I never use it as there are the shift paddles on the steering column which I consider a very useful extra .

Other extras I really appreciate are the swivel headlights, automatic headlight dipping, welcome and follow me home lighting, the seat movement upon opening the door, the restoration of memory set position upon starting the engine.

Also the heated seats and the electric folding mirrors and proximity sensors for reversing - I wouldn't buy a car without these three!

I cannot comment on servicing costs as I have had the GT for only one month, and the service records of the other car moved on with it.

I can't think of any improvement I would like to see in future models, but if it doesn't already exist, how would it look with white/cream leather instead of black?