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2012 Peugeot 3008 Allure 2.0 HDi Review

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We got our ex-dealer 3008 with about 25,000 kms on it. I've added 20,000 kms on it so far.

The 3008 shines in its frugal and torquey diesel engine and great ergonomics, especially in terms of the front seats with their excellent side bolstering and under-knee support and the perfectly sized steering wheel with built-in 'blisters' for resting your palms on. The French are particularly good at designing tactile surfaces that are pleasing to hold, comfortable, and easy to reach. The HVAC controls are logically laid out with a fan control dial in the center, and temperature dials for the left and right sides of the cars respectively on either side. I like the fact that it takes only one glance to operate them.

Two wands on either side of the steering column provide access to the radio and cruise control functions. While you do not see each button easily, if you read the manual, you can operate the functions by touch. For instance: to activate cruise control, you turn the thumb wheel downwards, then operate the finger pads behind the wand using your pointer and middle fingers to set the cruising speed higher or lower. Upper button sets it higher, lower button sets it lower, which is very logical and intuitive.

Compared to a similarly priced VW Tiguan in the Philippine market where I live, you get the following features not available on the Tiguan for the same price: leather seating, a heads-up display, radar-based distance warning control, an adjustable boot floor, a glass sunroof, and 17 inch wheels with 55-series Michelin rubber.

My only complaints are that the ride can be a bit jiggly at moderate speeds (30-50kph) and on uneven concrete. There is a bit of suspension noise on my car, and the Tie-Rod ends were replaced under warranty. Front Brake pads were also replaced at 40,000 kms, which is apparently due to the fact that Peugeot uses softer brake pad compounds than other makes to omit the use of Asbestos and to extend brake disc life.

I average about 9.7km/l in mixed urban driving (70% urban, 30% highway). An average servicing costs about 6,000 pesos (US$ 150.00)