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2012 Peugeot 207 Sportium Review

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When I first bought this car (new) I thought the accelerator was dangerously unresponsive - there seemed to be a 3 second lag between pedal and ANY kind of normal response.

The dealership suggested the engine wasn't fully run in and also blamed the computer inside. For many weeks I had to allow for this sad delayed action when I drove off. It has resolved now (took about six months) and it did help when I started to use the sportium button. In the first year a stick on the road dislodged part of the petrol line housing leaking all the petrol on the road and it had to be towed away by a fire engine!

The thermostat broke and the engine overheated requiring a further tow! And yet, and yet ... I love my little car! It is black and shiny and looks fabulous if I keep it clean.

I love the blue tooth connectivity and being able to see how much petrol I am using as I drive. It's quite economical - about $50 a fortnight to fill up and I drive almost every day. I love the Bose speakers. I love to use the cruise control and I try to remember to use the speed limiter in 50 km zones. Things that are not so good - the glove box is unspeakably useless, it has to be seen to be believed.

The interior light doesn't illuminate the back seat at all. The air conditioning is poor - I don't think the French understand the concept! And strangely the dashboard is straight out of the 1950's - when I asked why it was so old-fashioned and ugly they said it was a 'heritage' look :- ! In spite of the flaws I love to drive it, it is speedy and responsive, looks good and, to me, it has a touch of luxury about it.