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I bought a 2012 base model Challenger auto and couldn’t be happier!

With reference to the criticisms above:
1. Buy white and get the darkest legal tinting.
2. Fuel consumption for my auto, clean, is 10lt/100km country, 13 urban, 14 towing a 1.5 tonne RV at 100kph on highways and 18 in the hills. The trip meter varies from spot on to 1lt pessimistic.
3. It tows very well although in IMHO 3tonne will be difficult in the hills – that weight really needs 40% more torque. For practical purposes 75% of the book figure is good for most vehicles. The 300kg tow ball limit is very good for this size wagon. The Challenger handles very well while towing due to the suspension set-up – it’s been well designed.
4. Sluggish in first, yes but get the turbo spinning in 2nd and its fine thereafter. This little jigger will do 177kph with the A/C on, isn’t that good enough?

Summary. The Challenger is a very good 4WD family wagon and ideal for agile grey nomads who want to tow small to medium RVs and go bush. I’ve owned 19 vehicles over 40 years including 7 tow cars and the Challenger is the best tug of the lot because of its towing dynamics (not power). Bottom line, do your research properly before you buy and you’ll be happy with whatever you get. By the way, only get the MMA tow bar – the Mitsubishi engineers know what they’re doing. Love that car!