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Get behind the wheel of a Mercedes C63 AMG coupe and it takes only 10 minutes on the road to come to some inevitable conclusions, the first and foremost being that this car is one very special piece of machinery.

As soon as you fire up the 6.3 liter V8, you are met with a sonorous and distinctly AMG crack and burble not dissimilar to something you would expect from a NASCAR racer.

Producing 358kw and 600nm (when fitted with the optional performance pack) the C63 is easily the most powerful vehicle compared with its German rivals, and it shows.

Punch the loud pedal and the car instantly transforms into a road ripping madman ready to lunge at anything in its path while singing one of the most intoxicating exhaust notes found in any car.

Teamed with the car's 7 speed MCT transmission offering four distinct driving modes, you have the option to further alter the car's personality from eco warrior hero to double-declutching devil. The latter of which it does much better. Even with the fuel conscious controlled efficiency mode activated on the transmission, an observed 18.8L/100km urban driving is hardly thrifty.

Responsible for the handling of the car, the AMG specific suspension setup does a fine job of balancing body control with ride comfort while the steering offers both a quick rack and loads of feel.

Although an obvious trade off in terms of practicality would be expected compared to its sedan and wagon siblings, the C63 coupe is still a legitimate 4 seater with a large boot. Interior quality isn’t skimped on either with materials and construction also being top notch.
$160,000 can buy you all types of awesome cars; however few have the ability blend everyday usability with insane performance quite like the C63 AMG coupe.