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2012 Mazda 2 Neo Review

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Nippy, good looking little car, comfortable, expensive to service, although all modern car builders continue hell bent on building their healthy maintenance margins on the backs of their customers.

The Mazda 2 does most things pretty well, although ours is a little bit noisy in the mornings with squeaky rear shocks. Regular servicing, incremental nightmares (ouch) didn't improve this glitch. However I have noticed that once the ride warms up, say 3-5 km, nix, no more squeaks.

Technology/ connectivity could be better, I suspect that with build budgets etc, Mazda compromised to other base options. I am surprised at the fuel economy figures; auto 7.4 litres /100, which in this the new millennium is a bit hungry. My auto Corolla 1.8 easily delivers 6.8 litres /100.

Do I enjoy my little Kermit, yes' its a fun ride always which leaves me happy and smiling, never intimidated at the lights by the lumpy bumpy's and P plate track stars. Remember just wind on the rubber band and smile.

I noted in one road testers report that the later model 2015 has no cruise control available. My Mazda Neo has an easy to use cruise control system. While the cruise control has never been used much around Brisbane or Melbourne cities, When I have made the 1730 km journey between Brisbane and Melbourne the cruise control was excellent. This road trip also gave me an ample opportunity to assess the Mazda's distance drive capability and reliability.

The trip also took the car over the 100,000 km mark. Having started with the vehicle as a 2012, 7,000 km demonstrator my wife used the car for 18 months a daily 240 km commute to and from the workplace. Therefore we have been able to really appreciate the cars finer points and remain positive about its overall performance.

Would I buy another one if the later model stacks up.....Hell yeah Miss Piggy.