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2012 Mahindra Xuv500 (AWD) Review

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I am a proud owner of XUV 500 which has done 30000 kms in Australia with a combined milage of 7.2 L/100 kms. with excellent pick up and with all the features of a luxury car ,like on screen type pressure indicator even for spare tyre,reverse sensor,on screen milage and fuel indicators in numbers,day sensor light,automotive curve sensor light,clutch stop and start,touch screen,service alarm,leather upholstery,,all just for $32,000.

The cons are not an issue if we consider the price.I think we should expect interior design luxury like a luxury car with this price.The dash board panel material does not look highest quality.If that is changed and little more sophistication in interior it can compete any luxury car.I am confident with its engine and gear box considering its reliability for years in Indian roads and Himalayan terrains.

I think it won't drain the pockets of any middle and low income group.There is a minimal engine vibration between 80-100 kms speed but not above or below it.With safety features of curtain air bags and front air bags with ABS and other hill descent control,I am am confident with the safety precaution for short and long drive.

Cruise control is well reliable for speed and good pulling in steep roads in cruise.fuel tank door and door step lights need up grade for better fixing.Door closure can be made little more dynamic .But I know,expecting all these with this low price is greediness.As a whole in my experience this is worthy to own one to know the facts and experience reality if you have courage over prejudice and preoccupation.