Owner Review


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We have gone from a V6 Prado and downsized to the CT200h and you really know it when you go to fill up, especially with fuel around the $1.60 mark at Easter.

What the Prado travelled using 180l the CT can do with 45l.

It's fun to drive and the hybrid system is smooth and I personally prefer it over the auto stop start that the European competition use to save fuel.

We went the Sport Luxury for the radar cruise control and pre-crash safety system. It's a very safe car with quiet and practical interior.

The iPhone works well and while it doesn't have Bluetooth audio streaming, the lead does charge the phone and give access to the iTunes music library.

These simple things were high-cost options on the others.

We have young kids so plenty of room in the back for them.

The boot is adequate for day to day trips to the shop but you'll need to pack wisely if going on a family holiday road trip as the battery, while hidden, does eat into the cargo area, a trade off for excellent fuel economy.

Overall very happy with our choice.