Owner Review

2012 KIA SORENTO Si (4x2)

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Went to have a test drive of a Ford Territory, and saw that the local dealer had recently added a Kia franchise. Had a test drive of the V6 Sorento and was most impressed with its performance etc.

Had also test driven a number of similar SUVs from other makers but the Kia to me was a much better vehicle, the size was right and in the end so was the price.

After a month of ownership I can say I am really impressed. t

The performance is great from the V6, it handles well and is comfortable and quiet on the road.

Fuel economy from the V6 petrol on the highway where most of my driving is done is consistently 8.5 litres per 100km, and at times slightly better.

Summing up I can say at this stage I am very pleased with my purchase.