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2012 Hyundai ix35 Highlander (AWD) review

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Well, I suppose I should stop whingeing. Going back many years, this car would have been space age, but as of today it's getting a little primitive. It still needs to be updated on a lot of features. Accessibility and seat padding seem to be falling behind compared to the old cars, but the safety features are pretty good.

I'm very happy with the motor's performance and the transmission, although I've got an oil cooler in the automatic transmission and only use fully synthetic oil in the motor. I just love the diesel. It's a little noisy compared to the Mazda CX-5 though.

But back to my Hyundai. I love the sunroof and heaters in the electrically-operated seats, but the radio/GPS needs to be in a better location as the sun glare on it means you cannot see bugger-all. I do think it's unfair that you have to pay a fortune to have your GPS updated, but next time I will look at the Mazda.

I hate the electronic power assist. Go back to the old fluid power steering. I have driven the Mazda and other cars with fluid power steering and they're much better. On a long trip it becomes very tiring constantly maintaining guidance. It's okay around town, but on highways it's a pain in my backside.

This car had done 50,000km upon purchase, and now three years later has 80,000km. Mechanically, there have been no problems except for sagging springs and soft rotors. The air-conditioner struggles a little bit in the summer months in slow-moving traffic, but I have to take into account that it's an intercooled turbo engine and has a transmission oil cooler, which takes a lot of cooling. I added the automatic transmission cooler to help it last, as I tow a small van.

Overall, I enjoy driving my car, but I have to admit I also enjoy driving my son's 2012 CX-5, but it has some funny issues as well. My Hyundai has good traction control, particularly for towing my van, but you've got to remember to use fifth gear, not sixth gear, unless you're cruising.