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2012 Hyundai i45 PREMIUM Review

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I first drove the Hyundia i45 when i was a ferry driver for Avis car hire people. I had to deliver the i45 back to the main depot and I had the shock of my life.

It was a beautiful car all round. You felt a part of the car and thats a rare experience these days. I was looking to change my car. I had my Mittsibishi Magna for 18 years and it was a good car but now i have driven the Hyundai I45 i was in love with a beautiful car again.

So i decided to go on line and see what i could find. At Sutton Arncliffe car dealership site they had a few demonstrators for sale and there was a red I45. i could not believe my eyes, it looked so nice. So off I went to have look at it. Well that was it!! I fell in love with it.

We sold the house and bought a new car. i am the happiest car owner with my purchase. Fate has a funny way of doing things, if it meant be, it will all work out. I forgot to mention, my wife loves the car as well. If she's happy my life is happier. So of we went to Queensland in our new car happy as two peas in a pod.

Well i had a few cars in my of life of 80 years but this is staying with me to the end. Never had a bit of trouble with any thing it is brilliant on petrol as well doing long run 6ltr to the 100 klm and 9 round town servicing is good as well they look after you couple of simple thing were done and i was not aware of any thing. so i feel save in my car and happy in my Hundia i45. i would not want to change anything it is perfect the way it is .

I love confort and the style of the I 45 and it has that and more .