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Very impressive car and certainly better than new Corolla, Pulsar, Civic and Impreza. Probably lacks the steering of the Mazda 3, but it's very refined in whatever does and I don't notice it. I probably am not very happy with the way it absorbs large bumps, but that's about it really. Maybe a set of Brisgstone Turanzas will go a long way (it certainly did on another car I own with a similar firm ride). Seriously, though the features are FAR TOO MANY to mention... it's amazing. I considered a Honda Civic but almost fell asleep when I saw one in the flesh. Maybe when I'm 60. Everyone seems to bag out the steering, but I don't throw it around and just drive like always have and actually love the connection with the driver, seating position and well supported seats. I find that the colour of the bumpers doesn't quite match the metal surfaces, but I now see it on many other brands - eg Subaru, Mazda, so kinda relieved. Engine certainly lacks low-down torque and urban fuel economy not great - start/stop traffic 80% of the time at 9.5L/100. Exterior panel gaps etc are very impressive and consistent. Korea vs Japan nothing in it folks because the new i30 is a seriously good car (except for firm ride)