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2012 Honda Civic VTi-S Review

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Purchased this car about 14 months ago thinking I got a great deal at $19,990 drive away. The deal was clinched following a short 15 minute test drive on mainly flat highway.

Less than one week later the car was returned with faulty door trim. Then I discover the heater not working until at 5 kilometres have been travelled. Brrrrrrrrr! Obviously a faulty thermostat but despite repeated requests to Honda the fault remains.

Then a faulty petrol filler release had to be repaired. At about the same time the ESC warning light indicated a further problem which after three visits to Honda is finally rectified.

All this in the first six months of ownership! And then there is the woefully inadequate ride and handling which has supposedly been rectified with the release of the 2014 model with its completely revised suspension and tighter steering.

Why did Honda not get this right in the first place? The engine is quite and very smooth but completely lacks low and mid range torque being gutless on the hills where I live and necessitating continual use of the lowest gears.

The car is very difficult to park particularly in confined areas like supermarkets only the rear parking sensors providing the driver with some idea of where the rear of the car is.

However the manual gear box/clutch is excellent along with the enormous rear cargo space and the magic seats are exactly that. So come on Honda get you act together and once again make those great little cars you were known for.