Owner Review

2012 Holden Cruze SRi-V

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Getting into our 2012 Holden Cruze SRi-V as a manufacturer replacement for our faulty 2011 model, the MY12 model was somewhat better.

The first six months of ownership, however, saw the vehicle at the dealer more often than me actually driving it. It had the sat-nav unit, automatic transmission, seat heater module, power door locks, rear calipers, and water pump all replaced.

The previously faulty car was under a case number with Holden head office and after 12 months of issues they eventually came to the party and replaced it with this new vehicle. They were so confident, but with the problems noted above, they became quite embarrassed. They offered all services up to 45,000km at no cost and included fuel vouchers.

Unfortunately, now at 39,000km on the clock, shifts from the new transmission are rough, the gearbox is indecisive and very noisy, the front doors creak and moan as the body flexes, sections of the dashboard are rattling, and the engine makes a strange noise when the air conditioner is on.

For ride and handling, it's not bad at all, though, the original Kumho tyres we replaced with some Continentals that quietened things down a fair bit and it handled much better in the wet. Fuel economy is good, 8L/100km around Sydney and a longer trip sees 5.4L/100km. Can't complain about that. Also positive, the heated seats work a treat and the sat-nav is functional and easy to use.

This model comes with a full steel spare wheel, has a big boot and the alloy wheels are easy to keep clean.

In conclusion, I'd say an OK car though if I were to compare the Cruze to our previous car which was a 2007 Nissan Tiida ST-L, the Nissan had no problems. We simply wanted to upgrade to a few of the luxuries that were absent from the Tiida but it has been an awful experience owning a Holden. I know both my Cruze's were built here in Australia but unfortunately have not met my expectations. I can now simply say it has served its purpose but it'll be gone soon, maybe replaced with a European Skoda.