Owner Review


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As a six foot male I was initially a little dubious, but the price was right. I use this car to commute into the central city every day and it is perfect for this other than not being available as an automatic when I purchased it.

It is so easy to get in and out of with nice large front doors, even my elderly, stick using father in law has no problem getting in and out without levering himself on the back of the seat.

There is ample room in the back for two decent sized dogs (or several largish suitcases) when the rear seats are folded down.

On the downside it is a little undernourished, especially when the air con is used, but, as 90% of its use is just me on congested roads that is really not an issue, and if the revs are kept up there is really no problem keeping up with the legal minded road traffic, just don't expect to win many light to light drags.