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I have owned two Audi A3 1.6 TDIs now, and both have had issues.

The first one suffered bad issues with its engine and dual-clutch (DSG) automatic transmission, with the car later being replaced by Audi for low cost. The second has had similar gearbox and engine issues.

It's also had some issues with servicing, with a lot of work being done on the vehicle with no success.

But the moment you get in the car it's a different story. It's lovely inside with lovely quality and beautiful materials.

It drives oh so well when it's working properly, and the steering is lovely. I'm a fan of the optional crosswind assist feature too. It handles well but the ride is firm. With the transmission working correctly it averages under 5L/100km easily too.

I love the vehicle, but the faults have made it a pain to own, hence the 7/10 rating.