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The Toyota Corolla is a decent car to drive, reliable and fuel efficient.

The best part of the car would be its compact size which makes it easy to park in compact spots, if you want to zip around town this would be the car for you.

The Corolla has always been known to be value for money and being well built, part of the reason it has become Australia's most popular sold vehicle.

The only negatives I can think would be its sluggish take off and struggle up the big hills and at times I find myself double checking traffic, I put this down to blind spots.

The only option I would suggest is the Sat Nav, even though the one I tested was freezing and causing problems to my bluetooth, I think it's a nice luxury to have.

Overall I would have to say if you are after value for money and would like a car that would hold its value and is fuel efficiant, then this would be the car for you.