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2011 Skoda Yeti 7 Tsi (4x2) Review

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We bought our Dec 2011 Yeti in March 2012. It has now clocked up 73,000km. After two years a short occurred in the aircon condensers; fixed under warranty After three years there was a hesitation in the DSG gearbox; fixed under warranty.

Engine miss found to be caused by tired spark plugs; $200 to replace. Obviously we are biased, having chosen the Yeti over the Sportage and the CX5, but we continue to be delighted by its zippy performance. Handling is great, boxy shape has no impact.

Long (600km) trips have been comfortable. Only quibble is the fact that the radio cuts out for 15-20 seconds every time a mobile first connects with the Yeti's system. We would not hesitate to buy another Skoda - good product and good customer service.

Tyres replaced at 50,000km - never experienced any loss of grip in the wet or when cornering. Rear seats are great - comfortable and have plenty of leg room. Best of all though is the ease with which they can be removed - literally seconds.

We moved house using the Yeti for all but the heaviest and bulkiest of items. Headlights are good, though having the round driving lights incorporated in the same glass moulding may not be the best idea, probably the reason why the newer 2014 model Yeti has separate headlights and driving lights.

The sound system works well, though it would be good if there was a medium wave in addition to FM, and if the CD player could store more than one CD that would be good.