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2011 Nissan Pathfinder Ti 550 Review

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I have owned the vehicle for three years now, at first I thought what a wonderful vehicle, the servicing has been fixed at $295.oo per service, and having it done through the dealership has had rewarding results. they know the vehicle and me and what I expect from each service although I still check their work.

The towing capacity is why we Brought the vehicle for in the first place and along with the power of the vehicle it is very well credentialed and performs as expected with great efficiency.

The fuel economy while towing is very good although some pathfinder owners complain about theirs. I have found if you keep your speed to around the 100 k/ phr I am getting around 14.8 ltr/per h.klms , and after having Toyotas, I find this most acceptable.

The seven seat configuration is good but you would not take seven Adults on a long trip the information and tech area is very good, a good sized screen that is easy to read and the sat nave also easy to use the down side is the sat nav was made in 2007 and put in a vehicle in 2011 which made it out of date before I had driven it out of the show room, charged $750 to have it up dated 12 months later after much argument with Nissan.

Off road the vehicle is very capable but they do not like soft beach sand no matter how soft your tyres are.

All in all it is a comfortable vehicle to travel around this great country of ours, being economical to tow a caravan and capable to take down the beach for a spot of fishing, it is also very good around car parks at shopping centres with its smaller turning circle than most four wheel drives.

I suppose the biggest problem is the turbo lag the engine could do with the second turbo, as when you are towing a large van around towns you need to have the power when you need it not five seconds later