Mercedes-Benz E250 2011 cdi avantgarde
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2011 Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI Avantgarde review

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My son bought this Mercedes-Benz E250 at auction for me - fait accompli.

I like the space inside the car, the stunning design and style, and the ride and comfort. There's nothing here to dislike. The finish and paint work (Iridium Grey metallic) is excellent. There are comfortable full real leather seats and steering wheel. The ride is first class, insulated, solid and controlled, unlike that found in the tinny buzz box lesser vehicles of today.

The technology for 2011 is excellent, but limited by the Mercedes-Benz policy of drip-feeding options at the buyer's request and cost - i.e. the original buyer not ordering a reverse camera. That level of equipment should be standard in a $100,000 car! Pure greed by Mercedes-Benz. If you optioned one up at purchase, you'd quickly add $22,000 to the price.

The 7-speed transmission and CDI engine are well matched and smooth, while the performance, acceleration and economy excellent.

The car has been reliable, but Mercedes servicing costs and parts are a drawback.

This style E Class was last produced in 2016 and is regarded as the best for design. Since then, the styling difference between the E Class and C Class cars has seen a merging of styles, such that it is difficult to tell them apart - just as it is the case with Audi cars, and BMWs to a lesser extent. As a result the E Class has lost its prestige identity. The current E Class, from 2016, appears smaller, less limousine-like, a silly slopey smaller hyena-shaped butt/boot that is reminiscent of the AU Falcon, and without a wheel well to fit even a space saver tyre - relying instead on run flat tyres.

Because of the run-flats the ride is rough - and the Mercedes answer to that is to offer a $4,000 air cushion option. Their AMG models don’t have the horrible run-flats and get a repair kit instead, which is much more sensible. The hybrid E Class is a joke when it comes to reduced boot space.

Smart technology aside, Mercedes vehicles across the board are going backwards in terms of design and basic functionality.

I will/would not buy any of their current crop of cars or SUVs but just keep on loving my 2011 instead.