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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Review

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I have now owned my 2011 Overland for 2 1/2 years and while it's a great car, it has a few aspects that let it down. The first is Jeep Australia.

My car has consistently had a significant pull to the left. Three dealers have confirmed this is known and I have emailed and written to Jeep Australia three times and even the US HQ once.

The US responded and passed it on to the Aus HQ but Jeep have never once responded. Their social media feedback also seems to reflect this so perhaps not just me! The car itself shows great value and apart from the 5 speed gearbox, now replaced, its hard to fault, apart from a few annoying rattles which appeared early on and Jeep haven't resolved after many attempts.

Interior is good but the hard plastics need to go in the next incarnation. Servicing wise, it's not the cheapest, with a major service just over $1k - fixed price servicing is becoming the norm and Jeep needs to catch up in this regard. 6 month servicing schedule also seems a little over the top compared to modern European models.

Reliability wise it's not been too bad. The quadra lift air suspension unit failed and was replaced and the sat nav has been lovingly named 'poo nav' by my other half but other than that no major problems. The diesel is great and its a strong tower (pulling a horse float every so often). Its also well equipped without a doubt. If it wasn't for Jeep Australia's lack of support, it would automatically be on the top of my replacement list next year, but with my experience to date, I'm not so sure!